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Materials Science and Engineering

As a newer area of engineering, material science & engineering requires a little extra research to find an appropriate study abroad program. It may be more important for MSE majors to be flexible for their study abroad location in order to meet their academic goals. Here are some suggested opportunities to start exploring:

Engineering-Focused Program Suggestions

  1. English Universities: Imperial College London
    Become fully immersed in this year-long program dedicated to engineering majors only. Consistently rated in the top three universities in the UK, studies at Imperial College London involve a full schedule of specialized courses in your major. Enjoy the British educational system which requires a greater level of independence—with fewer exams, smaller class sizes, and a larger emphasis on practical, lab-based work.
  2. Science & Engineering Internship, Agency for Science, Technology & Research
    Participate in cutting-edge scientific research on this full-time hands on lab program! You will become a member of an international research team and given assignments related to the broader research area. This is a highly selective program, prior research experience is strongly recommended.
  3. Engineering & Science in English, Tohoku Univ.
    Study in Japan for the full year or for the spring semester. Tohoku University provides courses taught in English along with a wide variety of research opportunities, including the chance to conduct seismic behavior and tidal wave research in a location ideally suited for this area of civil engineering. You will learn invaluable lab technique and research skills in this hands-on program.
  4. Lab Research in Engineering & Science, Osaka University (Summer, Semester)
    Whether your interest is quantum optical engineering, nuclear fusion studies, or intelligent mechanics, there is a lab for your particular interest. Past students have enjoyed using technical lab equipment and working closely with expert faculty and their research team.

Exchange Programs in English for Engineers Suggestions

  1. National Taiwan Univ.
    National Taiwan University in Taipei has maintained its standing as the most prestigious College of Engineering in Taiwan as it on the forefront of technological advancement in Taiwan. The engineering departments are offering a growing number of courses in English each year. The Departments of Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering consistently offer exceptional courses taught in English.
  2. Irish Universities: Univ. College Dublin
    Experience this lively university where you have the opportunity to participate in local sports and interest clubs while studying engineering. Students enjoy small class sizes and study a variety of topics including biomedical, chemical and bioprocess, civil, electrical, energy systems, and mechanical engineering.
  3. Australian Universities: Univ. of Melbourne
    Ranked first in Australia for Engineering and Technology, the Melbourne School of Engineering offers an outstanding selection of engineering disciplines, including biomedical, chemical and biomolecular, and computing and information systems. Students enjoy the opportunity to attend special guest lectures put on by the School of Engineering.
  4. Lund Univ.
    Small class sizes and direct contact with instructors create an intimate academic environment at the Faculty of Engineering in Lund. Courses in most UC engineering fields cover both theory and practical application to industry scenarios, and offer you a chance to participate in valuable research projects. With the appropriate background, you may take first year graduate-level courses for upper-division credit.
  5. National Univ. of Singapore
    The Faculty of Engineering has outstanding and internationally recognized engineering programs. From building race cars to developing human-like robotic muscles, the National University of Singapore is leading the way in designing solutions for current global challenges through its research and development of new technologies. Here you may access the "Technopreneur" program, a competitive, experiential learning module blending engineering with business and the arts.
  6. Hong Kong Univ. of Science & Technology
    The School of Engineering, ranked #1 in Greater China, focuses on the latest findings and research and allows you to take courses that apply to today's workforce and technological needs. A wide range of courses are offered ranging from human-computer interfacing technologies to aerospace engineering, energy systems, green energy, and much more.

Academic Planning and Course Approvals

No matter your academic intentions while studying abroad, you should consult your academic advisor in Engineering and your MyAudit report to plan out your study abroad academic goals. Once you narrow your search to 1-3 study abroad programs consult your program page or ask your study abroad advisor about resources for researching courses in your program.

With a few exceptions of previously approved courses (ask your academic advisor), courses will need to be approved to meet individual degree requirements. In these cases, students will use the Course Approval Form for the school that would typically offer such a course at UC Merced:

The school will usually require a syllabus or equivalent in order to do a review. Keep in mind that syllabi may be protected intellectual property of certain professors or universities and may not be publicly posted online. If it is a UC Center program, you may be able to acquire syllabi through your study abroad advisor. If the program is with a local host university and the course is not posted online, you may be able to inquire with the instructor or host university in some cases.