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Course Credit & Grades

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Students will need to meet with their academic advisor(s) at least three weeks prior to the application deadline to determine what coursework is likely to count toward their major, minor, or general education requirements. Coursework is typically not pre-approved, and students will submit course substitution requests with their academic advisor upon return from the program.

Upon return students will take the following steps to have their coursework approved:

  1. Make sure to collect all original course syllabi, or equivalent. You may need to submit English translations if the syllabi are in another language. Syllabi should include a description and summary of the course, required texts and readings, and a week-by-week course outline.
  2. Be prepared to submit additional course materials such as papers or reading lists.
  3. Submit course approval forms for substitutions of individual courses, major and technical electives, and GE requirements:

UCEAP Grades

Once you complete your study option it can take as long as 60 or 90 days for grades to be reported from the host university to the Office of the Registrar at UC Merced. This may affect when you can apply for graduation and, consequently, commencement.

Grades for UCEAP take time, and it is not possible to receive grade information early for commencement, graduation, or graduate school.

To have your study abroad courses substitute UC Merced requirements, you will need to file for for substitutions with the appropriate schools.

UCEAP grades become a part of your academic record at UC and appear on your official UC transcript.

UC Summer Abroad Grades

Grades from UC Summer Abroad programs will also appear on your transcript once your program transcripts are sent to the UC Merced Office of the Registrar.

International Opportunities Program Grades

Transcripts from International Opportunities Programs should go to the UC Merced Office of International Affairs for processing and only the units will appear on students, as it is considered transfer coursework. Failure to submit grades may cause the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to rescind a student's financial aid retroactively.