Statement of Purpose Instructions

UC Merced Study Abroad LogoIf your MyEAP application checklist already requires a "statement of purpose" or "personal statement," please disregard the instructions below and paste the statement required in the MyEAP checklist in the MyStudyAbroad Portal. If the MyEAP application checklist does not require another statement, please follow the instructions below.

Audience: During the application process, your statement may be read by numerous entities including UC and/ or host institution faculty and staff. Your statement should be sensitive to the host culture and contain well-researched, accurate information relating to the host country.

Format: Your statement of purpose is to be written in standard essay format below. The essay must be 500-650 words in length.

Content: Within one cohesive essay, respond concisely to the following questions.

What are your educational goals for your EAP option? Please dedicate approximately 65% of your statement to the topics of this section. Keeping in mind the academic focus of your EAP option, include all of the following in your response:The Focus of the Statement of Purpose in Pie Chart

  • What attracted you academically to the program or host institution?
  • How does the program complement your studies at UC (credit for your major, minor, general education (GE), or breadth requirements, and/or academic work outside your major field of study)?
  • How does this program meet your academic, linguistic, and/or professional goals
  • What types of courses and other educational opportunities available abroad are not offered at UC?
  • What is your level of proficiency in the language of the host country in each of the areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension? In what areas do you seek improvement? (Not applicable for programs where English is the national language.)
  • How you are preparing to achieve your educational goals on EAP?

What are your personal goals/interests for your EAP option?

Please dedicate no more than 35% of your statement to the topics in this section. Please do not write about your travel intentions. In your response, you may want to consider the following topics:

  • Any relevant political, cultural or social issues that interest you at home and in the host country
  • Your interests or life experiences which have influenced your choice of EAP program/country (e.g., Have you ever visited your host country?)
  • How the program relates to your cultural and personal goals
  • How you are currently preparing to achieve your personal goals on EAP
  • How does the language aspect of the program contribute to your professional or other long-term goals? (Not applicable for programs where English is the national language.)