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Arguably the most flexible major when it comes to study abroad, sociology leaves the door open to myriad options. For this reason, the biggest challenge may not be finding a program that works but choosing the best program for your interests. Here are some points to consider:

  1. Do you have another major or minor that is less flexible and might help you narrow down your options? You may want to start there.
  2. Are you looking into internship possibilities? You can search by those.
  3. Are you trying to develop skills or experiences that may help you in your eventual job search? You can consider this.

By no means is this a comprehensive list of programs for sociology majors, but these are some solid suggestions:

# Program Country Application


National Univ. of Singapore (NUS)

Take classes in most UC majors taught by faculty from around the world, and engage with this top level university community through research, clubs, sports, and cultural activities.

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Human Rights and Cultural Memory, Buenos Aires & Santiago

Following a week of intensive Spanish language instruction, spend equal time in the exciting capitals of Buenos Aires and Santiago. Courses explore human rights and cultural memory, examining how people in Argentina and Chile have reconstructed their societies very differently as their understandings of the past have shaped contemporary social and political life in the present.

Argentina, Chile

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Australian Univ.

Australian National Univ., the Univ. of Melbourne, the Univ. of Sydney, and the Univ. of Queensland are all internationally ranked universities in sociology. You would rank your choices when applying to the Australian Universities program.

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Univ. of Hong Kong (HKU)

Take regular university courses in the arts, humanities, business, engineering, science, and social sciences at this top-ranked partner university, located on Hong Kong Island.
Hong Kong (China)

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Lund Univ.

Courses in English in a wide range of academic fields and hands-on research opportunities in science and engineering. Lively college town environment in a charming medieval city.

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Rome Through the Ages, UC Center Rome

Specially designed program offering Italian language study and courses taught in English. Small class sizes, local instructors, and site visits make Rome your classroom.

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Univ. of the West Indies

Enjoy a memorable experience on this English-speaking island, and gain new perspectives on an array of subject areas and social relations in the Afro-Caribbean world. Take advantage of field courses and lab work or consider an independent research project. Immerse yourself in the aquamarine waters that surround the "Jewel of the Caribbean."

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Scottish Universities

The Univ. of Edinburgh is an internationally ranked university for sociology. You may rank it as your first choice for the Scottish Universities program.
Scotland (United Kingdom)

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Peking Univ.

Pursue Chinese language and cultural studies at this top ranked university, with the opportunity to take select courses taught in Chinese or English. Internship opportunities available. For spring semester, stay on for a summer internship. Internships offer two months experience in local start-up companies run by PKU alumni.

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English Univ.

The Univ. of Manchester and the Univ. of Warwick are both internationally ranked universities in sociology. You would rank your choices when applying to the English Universities program.
England (United Kingdom)

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