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Public Health

Programs Specifically for Public & Global Health


Pacific Island Environmental & Community Health


Community Public Health


Public Health, Thammasat Univ.

These are only programs that target coursework in public and global health. Immersion, exchange, field studies, and international school programs should also have a selection of offerings to suit public health majors.

Immersion & Exchange Programs Suggested for Public Health


National Univ. of Singapore (NUS)


Scottish Universities: Univ. of Edinburgh


Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong (CUHK)


Irish Universities: Trinity College Dublin, Univ. College Cork


Univ. of Copenhagen


English Universities: Univ. of Warwick, Univ. of Manchester


National Taiwan Univ. (NTU)

By no means is this list comprehensive, but you may also search additional program opportunities.

Completing Other SSHA Requirements Abroad

SSHA students, in general, can take advantage of the requirement to complete four (4) non-major upper-division general education courses—or equivalent—from SSHA areas as varied as English literature to economics. Most SSHA students complete one or more of these required courses while studying abroad. These courses must be reviewed through the SSHA course approval form (see below).

SSHA students must also complete a total of 60.0 semester units in order to graduate. SSHA students complete many of these units within their major but often need more and can complete these requirements abroad.

Course Approval and Course Approval Forms

With a few exceptions of previously approved courses (ask your academic advisor), courses will need to be approved to meet individual degree requirements. In these cases, students will use the Course Approval Form for the school that would typically offer such a course at UC Merced:

The school will usually require a syllabus or equivalent in order to do a review. Keep in mind that syllabi may be protected intellectual property of certain professors or universities and may not be publicly posted online. If it is a UC Center program, you may be able to acquire syllabi through your study abroad advisor. If the program is with a local host university and the course is not posted online, you may be able to inquire with the instructor or host university in some cases.

Academic Planning

No matter your academic intentions while studying abroad, you should consult your academic advisor in SSHA and your MyAudit report to plan out your study abroad academic goals. Once you narrow your search to 1-3 study abroad programs consult your program page or ask your study abroad advisor about resources for researching courses in your program.